We are excited for the release of Sniper: Rogue Mission on the 16th August. We will get to see Brandon Beckett and his team fulfil another mission! We wanted to make the waiting more fun and exciting so we have created a promo event where you can have the opportunity of winning a prize! We wouldn't be called the " Elite" group if we didn't make things exciting for all the fans and supporters of Chad Michael Collins. 

Sniper: Rogue Mission - Event Promo Giveaway

There will be three winners. One prize per winner. 

What are the prizes? 

One winner will receive a Brandon Beckett customized Mug 

One winner will receive a Brandon Beckett Dog Tag 

One winner will receive a Cameo video from Brandon Beckett himself, Chad Michael Collins.  

Who are eligible to Join

All those who are following Chad Michael Collins social media accounts: 

Or at least any 2 of these accounts because we understand not everyone has TikTok, Twitter or Instagram.

Prize Giveaway Entry Requirements:

Complete one or all three missions to have a chance of winning a prize 

If you choose all three missions, you will have three entries into the Prize Giveaway:

  1. Mission One (One Entry Ticket): Follow Chad Michael Collins - Philippines Page and Join Chad Michael Collins Elite GroupComplete Mission One before moving onto mission two
  2. Mission Two (Two Entry Tickets): Follow on Facebook Of True Grit Page , Twitter Sniper Brandon Beckett and Instagram Sniper Brandon BeckettComplete Mission One and Mission Two before moving onto Mission Three.
  3. Mission Three (Three Entry Tickets): Follow Alex's Army Command Center and join Chad Michael Collins' Alex's Army Command Center Discord Head over to the "Giveaways" channel in the Discord and type "Finished Mission Three". 

Missions Accomplished: If you are already a member of the Chad Michael Collins Elite group and have been following all the accounts mentioned above, Please signify through a comment on the Featured Post within the Chad Michael Collins Elite Group your Name and Location e.g. USA, UK Philippines, etc. If you're not sure which featured post it is, reach out to one of the admins.

Prize Giveaway Rules:

Follow Instructions above. We will be monitoring from all these accounts. We will be writing names and checking your location. *WE will be selecting 3 winners across the globe, all in all *We will be posting the prizes once finalized. Expect them to be fabulous! Promo runs on August 8 - 16, but we will close the monitoring on Saturday August 13, 11:59 PM - PT (Pacific Time) - Please complete your Missions (entries) by this time & date. 

Winners will be announced on Tuesday 16th August. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is on-line event / activity initiated by these Groups for fun and promotion purposes and not in any way connected to Sony Pictures Entertainment company . Giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok or Sony Pictures.

All rights reserved | Chad Michael Collins Elite 2023
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