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Chad Michael Collins Elite is an international online Fan based community that is dedicated to keeping fans & friends up-to-date with Chad Michael Collin's TV, Film and voice acting projects, fan art, Twitch streaming and much more. 

Many join the community to show their love and support to Chad and to interact with like minded people. He is a very talented, humble, kind and generous guy. He spends time interacting with his fans. He becomes a friend to all those who support him, and in fact has become a very good friends with many within the Chad Michael Collins Elite Facebook group.  He is very hardworking, and is into fitness, nutrition. He is an inspiration to all of us

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Actor, Producer & Twitch Streamer 

Born and raised in upstate New York, actor Chad Michael Collins landed in Los Angeles after being offered a job in entertainment public relations during college. Coming up through the entertainment industry, Collins gravitated to acting and has since gone on to amass over two dozen major television, film and video game credits.

Collins is best known for his franchise-starring role in the ongoing internationally-renowned Sony Pictures SNIPER film series. Collins first appeared as 'Brandon Beckett' in SNIPER: RELOADED, playing the son of Tom Berenger's original legendary Marine sniper. He reprised his role in SNIPER: LEGACY, SNIPER: GHOST SHOOTER, SNIPER: ULTIMATE KILL, and most recently SNIPER: ASSASSIN'S END, released June 16th, 2020. Collins has shared the screen with both original SNIPER stars Billy Zane and Berenger, as well as Dennis Haysbert in the five films he has starred in.


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