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The Official Alex's Army is a community of gamers and fans dedicated to supporting the REAL Alex Keller "Echo 3-1", Chad Michael Collins. You can follow and Subscribe to Chad Michael Collins Twitch channel and join our Alex's Army Command Center Discord.

We also have an Official Alex's Army Twitch channel where supporters can come watch while the Echo 3-1 Player members come play Call of Duty MWIII together.

For those that come to watch, lurk, chat we have a variety of rewards that can be redeemed. You can check them out via the Official Alex's Army Twitch Channel's Chat.  

Official Alex's Army Rewards

To begin the New Year with a bang, we wanted to share with you all about our new Official Alex's Army Viewer Rewards that you can redeem during our live Twitch streams. Have fun using the channel points that you have gained from watching the Official Alex's Army Twitch streams. 

"To begin using your Channel Points, simply click the Channel Point icon at the bottom left of the chat window. Once done a window will appear showing you the reward options for that channel and the respective amount of Channel Points required to redeem the reward." - Twitch

New Twitch Emotes & Giveaways

Keep an eye out for the new Twitch emotes that will be dropping into the Official Alex's Army Twitch streams for both Follower and Subscriber. We are also going to be holding some prize giveaways throughout the year.


Our Official Alex's Army Twitch Channel now has an exclusive Echo 3-1 Players membership for loyal supporters of Chad Michael Collins aka Alex Keller "Echo 3-1". This membership is for those who play Call of Duty MWIII and who have shown loyalty to Chad Michael Collins and the Alex's Army Community. Head over to our Official Alex's Army website to join!

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