Chad Michael Collins Talks Call of Duty, Fitness, Health & Essential Oils


From all over the world, fans tuned into to hear the American actor Chad Michael Collins talk LIVE on Facebook about the different types of projects that he has been involved in over the course of his career, including his roles in the Sony Sniper franchise, High Moon the movie, Once Upon a Time and the hugely successful video game, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, where he plays Alex "Echo 3-1".

 Chad also shared about his passion for fitness and health and how important it is for him to take good care of himself, 

"I love to stay in good shape, love to take care of myself in that way...".

His passion for fitness and sports was evident as he talked about how he still plays in a basketball league, sometimes two every week. He likes to box, to hike, hit the gym, lift a little weights here and there, to stay really active. He also admitted to being a big time nerd - he plays a lot of dungeons and dragons and will soon venture onto Twitch with some live streaming videos so we can see exactly how it's played out!

There was a lot of interaction with the fans, as Chad open-up about his healthy lifestyle. and the kind of foods he eats.

 Watch Now Chad Michael Collins talk LIVE on Facebook 

He emphasised greatly how he is a big, big user of Young Living Essential Oils and how he's been using them for years, not just their essential oils but also their product line, from skincare, shampoos, soaps, to cleaners, laundry detergents, dish soaps, stuff like th

"I diffuse them, I use the actual oils from everything from fitness and workout recovery, to eating them and putting them on food... taking some of their supplement line and stuff like that."

"Health & Fitness isn't about what I do, is about what I take and I'm kinda a Paleo Diet guy, I've been doing a lot more vegan, clean stuff lately, a lot of fruit and vegetables, especially at a time like this, where there is literally some stuff in the air... supplements, juices, smoothies, that sort of stuff..."

He goes on to share how he was introduced to essential oils, and how they have impacted his life in a non-toxic, healthy way. It was a fun and informative Facebook LIVE which the fans enjoyed, he also allowed time for questions and answers. You can watch the video replay below or via his official Chad Michael Collins Facebook fan page.

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